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15 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Overloaded With Toxins

Warning signs of toxicity
Despite trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, we are still living in a world that is full of toxins, and unfortunately we can't escape them. They are everywhere; in our food that is filled with pesticides, preservatives, hormones, artificial coloring, flavors; and also in the polluted air, household cleaners and body care products.

The Goddess Bath Definition And Benefits

flower bath spa
The goddess bath is something that was done long ago in different cultures, to get rid of psychic harm, bad energy, fatigue, and other symptoms that are related to evil spirits/energy. It is known as the best and most safe way to cleanse the human aura and feel relaxed. It also has different names, such as psychic bath, energy bath, cleansing bath, healing bath, etc.

6 Tips For Better Nutrient Absorption

Berry yogurt cup
Building a healthy body requires a good nutrient absorption, yet the shocking fact is that the human body doesn’t absorb the 100% nutrient intake. It absorbs a ration between 10 and 90%, depending on how you pair your foods and other factors that affect absorption.

So, what can you do to increase the health benefits of your food intake?

DIY Smudge Spray For Good Energy

Smudge spray
As we always say, smudging with sacred herbs is an easy way to cleanse the aura and clear the surrounding space from bad energy. It so happens that some people like to use essential oil sprays instead of that old-fashion tradition of burning herbs. And it is alright! Both would do the same.

There is a slight difference in this topic, however; which is the reason for preparing this spray. I found this recipe, and it was basically for kids, to clear the area around them, soothe them and help getting rid of fears.

How To Cleanse Your Aura

Aura cleansing tips

In my previous topic I spoke about the human aura, how it works, and why you should cleanse it. In this topic I'm going to tell you some simple ways, to easily get rid of bad energy, feel positive and cleanse your aura for a better living. But before we start, just bear in mind that some cases may need a professional aura cleanse session. You will surely notice, if the following steps make no improvement, then try a professional's help.

8 Signs Indicating A Need For Detox

There are important signs that our bodies show when they are not functioning well. For example, when your kidneys, liver and colon are affected by harmful compounds, or when toxins build up in these organs. In general, the signs should not be ignored, to avoid any further diseases.
Here are 8 signs indicating a need for detox:

Negative Calorie Foods

Negative calorie foods
Of course many of you have heard about the negative calorie foods and their importance in slimming diets. But have we asked ourselves if there is really any food that is negative in calories?

Negative calorie foods, or sometimes known as zero calorie foods, are mostly fruits, vegetables and drinks that contain the least amount of calories compared to its water content. And in most researches the term is used to indicate the " thermic effect " or " specific dynamic action " of the food on the human body.

Safe Detox For All : 7 Simple Daily Detox Tips

herbal tea cups
Detoxification could be misunderstood by many people who try to cut out their meals and depend instead on juices or just fruits or veggies. Such technique is basically wrong because you shouldn't deprive your body from all foods. And you shouldn’t juice, if your body doesn't really need it.
Detoxification is always done by following a healthy diet plan, doing your daily exercise, and eating foods that aid liver, kidneys, lungs and colon to flush out toxins. And as we know, it is not a single day process.

What Is The Human Aura?

Human energy
The human aura is known as an energy field that surrounds your body, protecting it from bad energy, harmful entities and psychic attacks. In simple words, the human aura helps in attracting the good energy and repelling the bad energy that swims around us. It creates the filter through which you see, experience and communicate with the world.