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Sleeping disorders and apnea

We have been living recently in a very stressful environment of city life, which actually affects our health causing a severe harm due to such quick lifestyle.

So many researches and statistics were carried out, to determine what kind of harm could affect the human body due to such style.
The results were kind of bad and so unpredictable as well. Scientists found that there are many common diseases affecting huge number of population in the united states, such as sleeping disorder, high blood pressure, heart artery problems, sleeping apnea, asthma, coronary heart diseases, heart attacks, mental impairment, sexual problems, pulmonary hypertension, and high ratio of roads accidents . Such results were related originally to sleeping problems and sleep apnea.

And the results came as follows:
· Chronic sleep disorders, which is found highly in the united states, nearly 70 million Americans.
· 95% of 18 million Americans suffering sleep apnea are undiagnosed yet, and they go untreated.
· Sleep apnea is associated with most of the diseases mentioned above, and in some cases like those related to heart problems, sleep apnea can be a main reason for causing 38000 annual deaths.
· Sleep apnea is affecting around 80% of drug-resistant hypertension cases.
· It was found that 30% of adults snore, and 25% of kids between the ages of 1~5 have sleep problems as a prior to sleep apnea.
· It was found that 200,000 of united states annual car accidents are related to sleeping problems.