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Water Benefits

As I mentioned before in many of my articles, we are living in a very stressful environment of city life, and more worse is the dehydrated mood of quick lifestyle and fast foods with lack of balanced nutrition.

It is important for the human body to get the enough supply of water - 3~4 liters/day - to perform the vital functions properly. Otherwise, it will suffer many function disorders which can sometimes cause death or failure for many organs like the kidney.

All medical researches proved that 70% of the human body is water. Such ratio can differ on many levels depending on how hot the climate is, and the amount of sweat released while doing the daily activities, but in all cases it must be rebalanced to reach 70%.

glass of water

Unfortunately, not so many grasp the importance of water for their bodies, and it is used only to quench the thirst.
A tiny drop in the water level can severely affect the kidney, since it helps carrying away the waste from poisonous compositions eaten within our food, through the blood stream, and hence, keeping the body functioning properly, preventing calcifications and stone formations in the kidney tissues.
Such drops in water level also lower the blood volume, getting the heart and the kidney overworked, and increases the sodium levels in the blood.
Explaining more the endless benefits of water I can say, it deters the aging marks and wrinkles, keeps the skin soft and hydrated, fights the headache cases that may result from hot weather and dehydration, helps us to eat less as filling the stomach and carries minerals and nutrients within our blood stream.
It is widely known through variant researches that, kidney stones, organs failure, bladder and colon diseases, including cancer and some joints problems are related to water-level drops and dehydration.