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Foods That Lower Cholesterol Levels

Foods that lower cholesterol
Due to the change of lifestyle and way of eating, many of us suffer from chronic diseases and several disorders even in young ages. High blood pressure, cardiac diseases, colon and bone problems are now considered the most dangerous factors one may face in their 20’s. There are many reasons for such disorders of course, but usually forgotten as the fast food style dominates our life.

New medical researches were carried out to seek the reasons, and mostly all have shown the lack of knowledge about good dieting and how to obtain the suitable nutrition for the age level. 

The problem is mainly associated with cholesterol levels resulting from wrong nutrition.
Cholesterol is found in many fat-based foods like fast foods, and also the natural foods like eggs, fatty meat, etc. Due to such fact, watching the food labels and learning more about the best nutrition for age and sex is recommended.

Ignoring the cholesterol level may be quite harmful, yet taking it seriously for reduction and enjoying your life is not that hard process; just needing another approach for what you eat. Depending on fruits, vegetables and rich-in-omega3 oils is the key for solving your health problems and fighting other diseases.

Some foods that can help reducing cholesterol levels:

1- Apples:

Apples contain different nutrients including "phytochemicals"; and they are known to give energy, reduce the heart attack risks, enhance the immune system and help the body getting rid of toxins.

apples in a bowl

2- Berries:

All berries are important for their high containing of antioxidants, which fight different types of cancer, enhance the immune system through the vitamin supplies and also allow carrying a proper amount of oxygen to the cells through the blood.

different kinds of berries

3- Onions and Garlic :

They are both important in keeping our well being, enhancing the immunity, curing many diseases, fighting cancer and reducing cholesterol.

onions and garlic

4- Legumes/Beans:

The effect of beans depend on keeping a low level of homocystein due to their high protein and fiber containing. They also contain some compounds that reduce the possibility of blood clotting, and allow a better functioning of vessels.

beans and legumes

5- Oats & nuts :

The importance of whole grains and nuts lays behind the acidic fats. Their oils is highly recommended for the skin and hair; and the regular consuming of grains and nuts in our diet has an amazing effect, even considered the best, in reducing cholesterol and allowing better functioning for the heart and the brain.



6- Olive and canola oil:

They are considered the best oils for fighting triglycerides and cholesterol; also containing phyto-estrogen compounds in canola oil and the olive oil contains 77% of antioxidants, which helps in menopause.

olive oil

7- Herbs:

The whole variety of herbs is known as simple medication, not only for high cholesterol, but for different diseases. The fresh herbs used for salads can be added to our daily meals, and other dried herbs can be used as hot drinks during the day. Green tea, arjuna and sida cordifolia are good sources for antioxidants and they improve the health.