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Balanced nutrition essentials for kids

Kids are always working bodies that play around almost all the time. They need energy to allow them run and exercise, so that their bodies can grow up in appropriate ways. 
Kids nutrition understanding doesn't always aim to providing energy as much as providing the needed elements for the organs to function well, the muscles and bones to grow strong, and for the brain cells to develop and work well during school years and afterwards.
Some mothers provide high energy foods to her kids without understanding the effect of these foods and the nutrients they contain. But actually the so called “energy-foods” could be harmful for body than being a good source for vitamins. 
As your kid’s body grows, it needs a balanced diet of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Some lack this knowledge, and according to the wrong type of nutrition that weakens the immune system, the kids suffer from certain health problems on the long run or when they grow up. 


It is essential to provide enough proteins within your kids’ meals either by adding them to the snacks or introducing them as a main meal – such as hard boiled eggs, nuts, tofu, meat or chicken sandwiches.

The high levels of proteins in eggs, meat, chicken, fish, tofu, legumes, milk products and nuts are considered one group of six food groups that are essential for the human body. They build strong muscles and protect your kids from anemia.

Whole grains, breads and cereals:

The importance of whole grains and unrefined cereal grains is to provide vitamin E and useful fats such as omega 3 and omega 6. The bran of unrefined grains contains vitamin B, which is essential for the nerves and the digestive system.

The whole grain breads and cereals also provide a long-lasting amount of energy due to the carbohydrates turning into simple sugar composites.

Fresh fruits and vegetables:

They are an excellent source for fibers and all types of vitamins and they provide simple glucose and fructose sugar that allows the brain and muscles to function well.

Natural fruit and vegetable juices are great for kids, and it is better for the kid’s body to get benefit from the natural fruit sugar within the juice than adding sugar; that helps keeping calories in good level and prevent gaining weight.

Oils and fats:

The best source is milk, cheese, natural butter, peanut butter, soy oil, olive oil, nuts and fatty fish.

Dried fruits as sources of energy:

Instead of giving chocolate to your kid, it is better to provide them with natural and delicious dried fruit snack. Dried fruits are rich in iron and vitamins, besides the natural fruit sugar containing.

You can add them to the morning cereals, cakes, cookies, lunch, dinner, sweet sandwiches, or any other way that your kid likes.