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Easy Steps For Kids Easter Snacks

Every mother wants to provide healthy foods for her kids, and as kids’ appetite doesn't achieve any satisfaction for mothers, they seek better ways to make their kids love food and have healthy meals whenever it is possible. 

As Easter is today, you can provide a fun snack for your kids and even let them prepare it with you. The bunny shape and lovely chick eggs will certainly attract them due to the many colors and tastes in the meal.

kids Easter snacks and bunny meals

Notes on what to use:

- Kids’ meals should be healthy, so try to be selective while deciding on which types of cheese and vegetables to use.

- Always use low fat cheese or mix cheese with yogurt for better taste.

- If your kid doesn't like cheese, try to mix it with tasty herbs or grated vegetables.

- Always increase the amount of vegetables in your kid’s snack, and follow it with a lovely dessert meal made from fruits.

- Use brown toast for extra benefit, and better use the types that contain whole grains for more taste, fibers, vitamin B & E, and omega oils.

- Try to include carrots and green pepper as much as you can in kids meals. They are essential for the eyes and for balancing iron and carotenes in their body. Use small amount of tomatoes and increase green leaves (such as lettuce, as it is rich in oils and hence important for the skin, the brain and the heart).


Lovely kids meal in bunny shape and made with multigrain brown toast, cheese, yellow carrot pieces, celery, arugula, purple tomato slices, black olives, and strawberries.


Fun chick & bunny eggs snack with red pepper pieces, celery sticks, carrots, and olive pieces.


Dessert meal taking bunny shape and made from bananas, strawberries, apple pieces, dried apricot, dried blueberries and raisins. 

Easter fruit dessert for kids