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Antioxidant Flavonoids

Flavonoids are divided into 2 types of compounds which, both, have powerful antioxidant properties; Flavanols and Flavonols.

It was thought before, that the importance of fruits, vegetables, cancer fighting foods and even green tea, lays in the antioxidants they contain. But actually the fact of reducing the risk of diseases and reinforcing the immunity lays in the flavonoids that these foods contain and not the antioxidant itself. 

Some food manufacturing companies became so interest in getting benefit from the existence of such compounds in plants and plant-based foods. They add them to their products to increase their sellers by encouraging the consumption of healthy foods and fortified products.

Recent researches conducted that flavonoids are poorly absorbed by the human body, even if the individual reaches an appropriate daily intake of fruits and vegetables, and that flavonoids themselves have not a direct antioxidant effect!
Such researches proved that the difference of circumstances that a human body passes, and therefore the resulting chemical compounds, including body waste acids, are the main supporting factor for absorbing flavonoids. Therefore, flavonoids absorption depends mainly on the uric acid produced by the body in the blood during the metabolism of flavonoids-rich foods.