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Benefits Of Green Tea

During the past years, green tea leaves were undergoing different experiments and medical researches to understand the benefits of green tea and how far it can help curing some diseases. They could prove a number of health benefits for green tea, including preventing heart diseases and helping in weight loss, despite it showed no direct effect on increasing the metabolic rate to cause quick weight loss. But on the long run, it works in several directions which, at last, help maintaining a good health and reducing the risk of diseases. 

Researches were done on green tea extract stated that it has a slight effect on the metabolic rate, increasing it by nearly 4%, as it contains polyphenols, thermogenesis and a small amount of caffeine, which has no bad effect on the heart.

Antioxidant flavonoids in green tea:

Green tea is known as the best source for antioxidant flavonoids as the amount found in one cup of green tea is more than any other in similar volume of fruit juices or flavonoid-rich foods.

Stress reduction effect:

A Japanese study that included 42,000 participants stated that green tea contains a certain type of antioxidants “called epigallocatechin gallate”, and that a regular daily supply of 5 cups of green tea should reduce stress by 20%, as well as mental problems and physical fatigue.

Effect on aging:

A 3-year study was carried out on 12,000 participants 'over 65 years old', in Japan. It showed that people who drank 5 cups of green tea everyday showed less aging problems, like functioning disability and memory problems, while those who drank less than 5 cups experienced at least a 25% difficulty increase in bathing, dressing and walking.

Green tea and heart diseases:

Although green tea contains a slight amount of caffeine, it doesn't affect the heart, and on contrary, it can reduce the risks of high cholesterol levels due its antioxidant effect that prevents oxidation of LDL. A study done in Harvard Medical School mentioned its great effect in reducing hypertension; and as a result, cardiovascular problems, and protecting the arteries with the increase of HDL.

Green tea in cancer prevention:

It was believed before the era of green tea, that vitamin E and C have the most effect in preventing the oxidation damage happening in the human body cells, and hence preventing cancer. But after that, the researches showed a better effect for certain type of flavonoids in green tea, called catechin. That is supposed to prevent some types of cancers such as lung, skin, colon, bladder and breast cancer, and help curing others through chemical extractions from green tea.