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Benefits Of Honey

Honey is something that we all can’t resist on the morning table, and its importance is not only being a natural sweetener. Honey benefits actually spread to different directions such as the hair, the skin, the immune system, the blood and even the organs. Consuming honey at the least levels everyday is supposed to keep you healthy and strong.

It contains about 22 amino acids that are essential for the body, and using honey with certain food profiles of complementary amino acids may result in perfect protein sources for patients with very restrictive diets. The same fact makes even a small daily dose of honey essential for kids and adults.

Honey is known for reducing obesity and enhancing the metabolism when properly used in a slimming diet with lemons and cinnamon. It is also important in kids’ breakfast as containing simple carbohydrate compounds, which supply the brain with energy and sugar. The simple fruit sugar in honey, fructose, is easily digested and hence honey is considered a light, natural sweetener for juices and desserts.

The only disadvantage of honey is containing high ratio of calories, which makes it unsuitable for some diabetes patients. Despite its importance in enhancing metabolism, we shouldn't be tricked by that function and forget it is high calorie containing.

Natural honey has a great role in reducing the risks of different kinds of cancer due to containing antioxidants and flavonoids. It is also effective in preventing heart problems and curing some stomach and colon diseases.

The enzymes added by the bees produce hydrogen peroxide that has a wide antibacterial effect. That helps curing some infections like throat irritation, and reinforcing the immune system of adults and kids.

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