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Facts About Fruits

Some housewives, when they buy unripe mangoes or bananas, cover them and let in a dark place for a few days until they are suitable for eating. Of course many of us have followed such technique before, but we may not know the fact about unripe fruits/vegetables, and if all fruits will ripen after being picked off their trees.

Fruits and some vegetables normally grow on trees and they take their mineral and nutrient supply from the soil and water. They take such supplies ever since being blooming flowers, and they continue nourishing on the branches until they ripen. When you reap the fruits off their trees, you cut their nutrient supply, and hence prevent them from growing.

The above technique won’t be effective with citrus fruits – such as oranges, pineapples, mandarin, melons and berries – and vegetables because they depend mainly on minerals and by cutting off their mineral supply they won’t ripen.

Other fruits which you can leave to ripen at home are those which contain high amounts of sugar such as apples, apricots, figs, avocados, bananas, mangoes, peach, pear and cantaloupe.

Leaving fruits and vegetables to ripen at home is not always a right option to follow, and it may be dangerous for your health.
Some fruits and vegetables can be covered and left to mature at home under some conditions. One of these conditions is not to choose too green fruits and expect them to mature and develop a good taste within a few days. They may also develop toxic compounds if you pick them while they are still too green; and it is important to turn the fruits from time to time as resting on one side may cause them to rot. And the final rule is, only a few days should be your maximum chosen duration for leaving fruits to mature.

Fruits and vegetables that are left to ripen at home may not develop a good taste or much benefit for the body. We can’t consider them healthy at any case, because they took its ripen shape and tender texture from the chemical compounds developing into them and not the enough nourishment from the soil. One should be wary of leaving fruits and vegetables to ripe at home, and preferably not to do that very often in order to prevent any harmful chemical intake from affecting your body on the long run.

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