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Health Benefits Of Flavonoids

As I said in my previous topic, flavonoids have potential health benefits due to the antioxidant value they posses and their ability to fight and cure diseases. That class of phytochemicals exists only in plant pigments, which develops the importance of fruits and vegetables in fighting diseases. 

Flavonoids as antioxidants:

The damage that mainly affects our body cells comes from the free radicals. They enter our bodies from different sources, such as pollution and cigarette smoke, processed foods, bad nutrition, body waste, and few other sources.
These radicals have an oxidizing effect on the body cells, and that’s what makes the cellular damage on the long run.
The antioxidant effect of flavonoids fights the effect of free radicals and help maintaining strong immune system.

Flavonoids in fighting cancer:

Researches have shown that the consumption of plants, fruits or vegetables that contain Flavonoids my reduce the risk of cancer diseases, but still determining the appropriate daily intake of flavonoids is not clear as it appeared that a big dietary intake provides no extra benefit and causes more health risks. Thus, a small amount could be sufficient.
Experiments proved that Flavonoids had effects on treating cancers in animals, but still no direct effect from foods on humans except the antioxidant value. It was found that physiological processing to flavonoids produces phase2 enzymes that are known for banishing carcinogens and mutagens. That experiment could prove that flavonoids have the ability to develop techniques to treat certain types of cancers.

Other effects on health problems:

- Preventing atherosclerosis.

- Having antiviral activities.

- Slowing tumor growth.

- Strengthening blood vessels and capillary walls.

- Helping with eye problems like cataract and glaucoma.

- Reducing allergy symptoms.

- Reducing the risk of heart diseases.

- Lowering LDL levels.

- Having anti-inflammatory effects.