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Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast

Knowing the great benefits of oats, we may like to try it as basic element in our diets for better health. The fact that oats seem boring and not tasty for many makes it difficult to decide on eating them every day. Therefore, some include oats in bread, cookies, healthy cakes and main dishes for lunch.
Here are some simple ways to prepare a delicious oatmeal breakfast for all family members, instead of baking them with cookies and breads.

oatmeal and fruit bowl

1- Cooked oatmeal with fresh fruits:

Oats that are cooked in milk are essential for kids and adults to keep their mental efficiency and provide them with calcium, fibers, carbohydrates, vitamins “like E &B”, and slight amount of fats. Fresh fruits are the best addition to use with oats as they will surely enhance the boring taste of oats. Any kind of fresh fruit is recommended for kids and you may want to use a few kinds every morning, so that your kids can get benefit from the varieties over a short period of time.

Adults who have certain health problems should avoid fatty fruits like avocados, in case of cholesterol problems, and salty fruits such as berries, kiwi and mangoes, in case of having kidney deficiency.

oatmeal and fruit bowl

oatmeal and fruit bowl

2- Cooked oatmeal with juice, jam or dried fruits:

This type of breakfast is recommended for those who like light meals or follow a vegan diet. Oats are cooked in slight amount of water, then served with fruit juices such as apple, orange, and pineapple juice. Some people like them with maple syrup or jam, but I’d recommend fresh fruit juice, some nuts and dried fruits.

cooked oatmeal and dried fruits

oatmeal, nuts and dried fruits

cooked oatmeal with dried fruits

3- Baked oatmeal:

This type of breakfast is a bit similar to the cakes; made in the oven with milk, oil or milk skin cream, baking soda, slight amount of flour, eggs, sugar, and cinnamon or any dried fruits ”optional”.
It is baked for 40 min, until it hardens and form the same cake shape. After it cools, you can decorate with coconut powder, crushed nuts, cream, fruit pieces…etc.

baked oatmeal

4- Oatmeal with yogurt and fresh fruits:

This type of breakfast is suitable for mid-age ladies and women in menopause for providing relaxation, in addition to being rich in nutrients and easily digested.
Raw oats are commonly used in this recipe, where yogurt and fruits represent the essential part of the meal. Some would like a bulk of raw oats, decorated with yogurt, fruits, nuts, syrup and herbs “optional”. Basil or peppermint leaves are amazing for beginning a fresh day with such lovely breakfast.

fruit, yogurt and oats

yogurt and oatmeal with fruits