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High Cholesterol And Erectile Dysfunction

We all know that high cholesterol clogs the blood vessels and results in various health problems, but many of us may not understand how high cholesterol levels affect their sex life. Many men even experience erectile dysfunction without knowing that the main reason is their wrong diet.

How erection happens?

When sexual simulation happens, either through the touches or thoughts, the brain releases chemicals into the man’s blood to cause the pelvic vessels to relax and therefore allow more blood flow to the penis. The vessels and arteries passing through the penis allow more blood to fill into the spongy tissues – that’s when the elongation begins.
With more and more simulation, the blood flow increases and the penis becomes engorged in blood to reach its full length. 
A proper erection should last all intercourse long and then subsides after the ejaculation or when the simulation is ceased.

penis cross section

how erection happens

Definition of cholesterol and its effect on blood vessels:

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is divided into bad cholesterol LDL, and good cholesterol HDL. When the LDL travels with the blood stream, it creates hard patches on the vessels and arteries’ inner walls, usually called plaque.
The plaque formations narrow the blood vessels and deny a sufficient blood flow from reaching the organs. The continuous increase of LDL causes more plaque to from and makes your vessels narrower.

cholesterol in blood vessels

Effect of LDL on erection:

The high LDL level affects the amount of chemicals released in your blood with sexual simulation, and hence affects the relaxation needed for the penile tissues to accept more blood and experience proper erection. 

Effect of LDL on Testosterone:

Testosterone is the chemical that sends sexual simulation messages through the man’s body. A low testosterone secretion limits the man’s sex drive and ability to have proper erection and full intercourse.

The high LDL level affects the arteries in the pelvis, and also denies a good blood flow to the testicles making them unable to produce testosterone. That will surely lower the testosterone level in your blood and lead to more sexual issues.

How high cholesterol is linked to erectile dysfunction?

The two cases are linked to one another such that a high LDL level can be an early sign of erectile dysfunction , and a high cholesterol level may hide behind a slight erection problem.