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How To Avoid Erectile Dysfunction?

As most men suffer from erectile dysfunction with aging or due to having certain health problems, it has become an essential need for each man to watch his lifestyle and learn how to protect his potency.
So, let’s start our simple tips …

1- Watch your diet:

Researches have proven that the diet patterns leading to heart problems can lead to sexual issues, due to the cholesterol plaques impeding a proper flood flow into the heart and the penis. So, when watching your eating pattern you should consider an important rule stating that “what is harmful for a man’s heart does the same effect to his penis”.
Try to follow a diet that depends on certain daily supply of fruits and vegetables, avoiding the processed food and all that contains harmful fats and oils.

2- Watch your weight:

Try to manage a moderate weight, for gaining weight is certainly a disaster for each organ of your body. It denies a good blood flow from reaching your penis; affects the heart and leads to diabetic issues, which end up with damage in the penis nerves.

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3- Avoid what damages your blood vessels:

High blood pressure, anxiety and high cholesterol can damage the blood vessels due to several reasons. Even the medications you take for improving the case may make it harder to have an erection.

4- Avoid alcohols and smoking:

Although alcohols don’t have a direct effect on the penis, they are known for causing liver and nerve damage besides affecting the testosterone balance; which certainly denies the erection.
The nicotine dissolved in your blood does the same effect, but due to causing the blood vessels to contract and impedes the blood stream. The same effect of contraction happens with stress, as the body produces adrenaline.

5- Keep on regular exercise:

A regular exercise has the ability to improve your health and make you stronger in general. But that’s not my point. Doing general exercising – such as aerobics, swimming and running – will improve the blood circulation and help reducing the cholesterol level, in case it was high.

* Caution:  avoid sports that cause pressure on the pelvic muscles/bones; such as bicycling, and don’t depend on Kegels exercises as they are not effective with ED.

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6- Watch testosterone changes and avoid bodybuilding drugs:

Around the age of 50, most men experience weird symptoms like mental problems, depressions or moodiness, lack or stamina, difficulty in making decisions…etc.
These symptoms are often indicating decrease in testosterone levels, and hence you should visit your doctor.

The bodybuilding drugs, such as anabolic steroids, affect the testicles’ ability to produce testosterone by damaging their tissues. So, it is better to rely on good athletic diet and continuous training than damaging your sexual drive.

7- Penis inflammation: resulting from intercourse, can affect your erection. So, the best way to avoid that is ensuring your wife’s vagina is completely wet before thrusting.
Try to slow down or keep a moderate movement in case your penis slips out of the vagina. That way you protect your penis from accidentally moving against her pelvic bones.