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In Each Green Tree A New Life Is Breathing

Plants are considered living beings because they consume water and they breathe. They are essential for the life on Earth, but today there are less green spaces because of the buildings spreading everywhere. 

As plants are used in food, preparing medical remedies and transformed for other purposes; people do not recognize them as vital sources of oxygen on this planet.

The most important function of plants on Earth was to purify the atmosphere from carbon dioxide, and release suitable amounts of oxygen for other living beings to breath and keep the planet on good balance.

Perhaps producing scents, containing nutrient supplies and aiding some industries are other important functions that we shouldn't discount, but the global warming crisis we are living nowadays requires much respect to the function of absorbing carbon dioxide.

So, instead of understanding plants as beauty sources for our luxury homes, we should change our approach and look to the plants as one of the life essentials to keep all beings alive, and the best friendly solution for global warming.