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Tips On Choosing A Good Snack

1- Infrequent snacks may cause a digestion disorder, so you need a regular intake and small amounts of food during the day. 

2- Don’t consume only milk or yogurt in one or more snacks. They are light and claming for stomach, but take cereals, a piece of cake or any fruit with them.

3- Don’t consume salty biscuits if you are one of those who stay all the time at the office without exercising, especially if you are mid-aged. Salt biscuits are suitable for people who do a lot of exercises, walk or work hardly in the sun “like engineers and aerobics trainers”. They are essential to provide them with energy in forms of carbohydrate intake, and to compensate the amount of minerals they lose with the sweat.
If you have the office-type career, it is a big mistake to take salty foods as the sodium in salt will increase your blood pressure, stress and a feeling of discomfort.

4- Energy foods with lack of sleeping are useless. You need to understand that a good sleep pattern is the basic element in feeling comfort, reducing stress, staying in good mood and feeling energetic.

5- Energy boosting foods/drinks are misunderstood by many who think sweets and carbohydrates are the basic elements to eat. A balanced meal that contains different elements is perfect as the digestion of each element takes a different duration; which means that some foods are digested before the others to provide you with quick energy.

6- Fresh juices, fruits and vegetables; or plant based foods, are the best snacks for people working at the office all the time. They contain natural, simple fruit sugar “fructose” that will keep you concentrating. They are also rich in fibers and water.

7- Carbohydrate snacks are suitable only in some cases where you need quick energy loading, such as training or do similar activities.

8- Sweets and chocolate are the worst foods for most of us. They are harmful for the teeth and they encourage gaining weight, besides leading to diabetes in some cases. Sugary foods usually force the pancreas to produce more insulin, and as soon as they are burnt, you will feel even more tired.

9- Depending on dried fruits, nuts and fortified cereals, especially those which were made with real honey and not sugar, is one of the best ways to keep you energetic and healthy.
Mixing the three elements in one snack is a great source for vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and carbohydrates. They are easily digested and even the honey content in some cereal types has fewer disadvantages than those of sugar in desserts.