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Angel Food Cake Smoothie

Turning to follow a healthy diet is not usually easy, especially if you were used to eating sweets and desserts. This recipe is basically made to give a good taste and help many to begin following a healthy diet and make good habits.

The recipe is based on yogurt, instead of cream and butter, and few other healthy additions such as fruits, nuts and honey.


- 2 cups frozen vanilla yogurt

- ¼ cup of milk – you can use nut milk also for a delicious taste

- Fresh berries

- Crushed nuts

- Honey or chocolate flavored syrup

- One or two slices of angel food cake ( use the amount you desire, and preferably a cooled slice only for a healthier mix)


In the blender, put the cake ‘torn into small pieces’ and the yogurt, with the milk and syrup.
Process for a few seconds until smoothed, then add the nuts and berries and carefully stir with a plastic spatula until well mixed.
Serve the smoothie in large cups with low-fat cream topper, berries and nuts. Eat with a spoon after cooling for a while.