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Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Found In Factory Farmed Meats

Recent studies have proven the existence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in meats and chicken. The Environmental Working Group has reported a startling study result, which has not been published yet by the government.

The study proved that besides the common bacteria such as brucella, salmonella, E coil and other types, there are also new developed bacteria that are antibiotic resistant, and the worries toward the effects on treating diseases are increasing.
The antibiotic resistant bacteria is said to be found in pork, ground meat, ground turkey, chicken breasts and thighs to the following horrible ratios :

- Ground beef 55%

- Chicken 39%

- Ground turkey 69%

- Pork 81%

“according to federal data reviewed by The EWG

The reports stated that the main reasons for developing new versions of bacteria is the inappropriate environment in which these animals are kept.

As we all know, bacteria is found widely in meat, and it increases according to the health condition of the animals and the pre-consumption conditions. For example, diseases help developing bacteria in the meat of the animal, and the same effect happens by inappropriate cooling or letting the meat for exposure to air for long before cooking.

Most farms give the animals certain types of foods, which are not healthy, depending on carbohydrate-rich diets to increase their weight. They also give several drugs and hormones for quick mature and weight gaining, besides locking the animal in restricted pens to deny much movement and help gaining more weight.
Such restricted conditions and lack of veterinarian care surely allow disease transfer, which affects the animal health and develops antibiotic resistant bacteria.
Such problem, in huge farms, becomes more and more dangerous as they mostly need to treat the animals with wide-effect antibiotic to control the disease transfer from an animal to another. These drugs, when frequently given to the animal, become useless as new antibiotic resistant versions of bacteria are developed.

The number of Americans affected by food poisoning is almost 3.6 million citizens every year, and with the existence of the new antibiotic resistant versions of bacteria, treating the diseases will be too difficult if not impossible.

The most affected individuals with bacteria and common infections are usually children, pregnant women and old people. They are the same categories which show difficulty in treating diseases and dealing with health issues. With the new versions of antibiotic resistant bacteria, treating these categories of patients might be a huge challenge for scientists and medical developer companies. 

According to the EWG review, the best way to avoid the disease-causing bacteria is to not consume factory farmed meats, and buy instead the organic meats which came from animals kept in healthy conditions and untreated with antibiotics.