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Raspberry And Pomegranate Smoothie

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This smoothie is actually rich in flavonoids and is also essential for obtaining a number of vitamins and lycopene. The recipe is too simple, without any yogurt or sweeteners, and you can create modifications, add more fruits and serve with biscuits or morning pancakes. You can use this smoothie in many desserts instead of jam and syrup; just make sweet with honey and use with cupcakes, tarts or pudding for an excellent snack/dessert.


Basic ingredients are 2 cups of unsweetened, frozen raspberries and one cup of pomegranate puree.
The pomegranate puree is recommended here to give a thick texture, and you can add 2 cups of Greek yogurt if you decide on using the juice.
Use honey as you desire to sweeten the mix after processing in the blender for 30 sec.

Bananas, pineapple pieces, and coconut water are optional here. You may also like to add more taste with cake pieces or biscuit powder.
Oats, dates and chocolate may not be a delicious option here as you won’t like the smoothie taste; but if you decide on the angel food cake and crushed nuts with the above ingredients, you will certainly enjoy a very delicious snack.