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Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

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This recipe is great as easily digested source for nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidant flavonoids, calcium and some active bacteria found in yogurt. The light drink is important for body cells and maintaining immunity, and the active bacteria is good for the intestines and people with lactose allergy or milk intolerance as it basically eats "lactose" ..the sugar found in milk.


- Low-fat yogurt “ about 250 ml or one cup “… preferably the plain Greek yogurt, which is more sticky and better than sweetened types.

- 4 cups of strawberry “well-rinsed and without stems”

- Honey, maple syrup or fruit syrup. “optional – and you can use sugar or diet sweeteners if you wish”.

- Orange juice “optional “ , about half a cup or 125 ml.

- Any type of garnish you wish.


It may take you only a few minutes, and the mix should be served fresh or just kept in the fridge for a very short time.

- Remove the stems of the strawberry and keep a few with their stems for garnish.

- Rinse and drain the strawberry until they are fully clean.

- Put strawberries in the blender and add the rest of the ingredients.

- Start mixing on low speed until all strawberries be smooth; then mix on high speed for a minute.