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Breakfast Smoothies

Breakfast smoothies are essential for different categories of people to provide enough energy and essential vitamins without spoiling their diet. Berries smoothies, in particular, are very rich in antioxidant flavonoids, which provide enough protection against diseases by reinforcing the immune system. Breakfast smoothies are also important to keep a healthy child in winter as they mostly contain high amounts of vitamin C.

As for kids, a breakfast smoothie should include milk or yogurt, or at least their alternatives like soy milk and fortified powder milk. You may just provide cereals that are fortified with calcium to help building the child’s bones.
For an adult, it is doesn't matter taking milk and yogurt if you are vegan. You can easily get calcium from other supplies and mineral tablets.

The mixed berries smoothie could contain bananas and other fruits, or herbs, if you wish. It will taste great anyway, and you can add biscuits or oats to increase the nutrition value for a grab-and-go breakfast smoothie.
Nuts and honey are recommended options for adults and kids’ berry smoothies. You can use nut milk and coconut milk for a better taste and a more liquefied mix.

Using tofu or crushed soybeans in a breakfast mix is really nutritious. The silken tofu gives a good effect like yogurt, and there are types of crushed soybeans, manufactured in a way to be like biscuits; they taste great and your kids will surely love them in their breakfast.