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Chocolate Banana Yogurt Smoothie

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That fact that all kids and most adults love chocolate makes it easy to provide your family a nutritious snack in a simple drink. You can easily turn it into a smoothie for breakfast in summer, and a warm snack in winter. It will also help you with kids who don’t like to eat fruits as the chocolate taste will appear as just flavored with fruits or oats and not really containing them.


- one ripened banana.

- half an apple (you can use peanut butter instead; or any other fruit that you like).

- 2 cups of plain yogurt (preferably the vanilla flavored type).

- 2 tea spoons of honey.

- small packet of chocolate malt flavor (optional; and you can also replace it with simple malt powder).

- ½ cup of milk.

- 3 table spoons of chocolate powder.


- peel the apple and get the inner part removed with the seeds. Then cut it into small pieces.

- do the same with the banana.

- put the ingredients in the blender and leave one spoon of chocolate powder aside until you finish mixing. If you want a concentrated chocolate taste, add the 3rd spoon and mix again.

- serve in short glasses and decorate with banana chunks and chocolate powder.