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Fruity Spinach Breakfast Smoothie

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This kind of recipes may not be the favorite for many due to including spinach “considered bad tasting”. But in fact, you can hide the taste of leaves and vegetables by adding some flavors, and that way you can easily convince a kid on a healthy breakfast meal.


- one cup of baby spinach.

- 2 ripe, medium sized bananas.

- 2 cups of your favorite fruit flesh (I prefer pineapples and berries in this recipe).

- one cup of oat flakes or whole oats.

- 2 tea spoons of honey.

- one tea spoon of vanilla extract.

- one cup of yogurt (optional).

- 2 cups of milk ( use nut milk or soy milk for a vegan recipe, and increase the amount to 2 ½ or 3 cups if needed).

- one tea spoon of coconut milk.


- in the blender, put the oats and small amount of milk then start mixing until smoothed. Add more milk and keep mixing.

- after you’ve poured all milk, add the yogurt and other ingredients and mix for a few seconds until a thick, creamy texture forms.

- serve in short, wide glasses with favorite garnish and a spoon.