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How To Make Lilac Syrup

Flower syrups are used in many dessert recipes, and they are even loved by kids when you introduce them the morning pancakes with their favorite syrup. In addition to the delicious taste, flower syrups give an amazing natural color to your desserts.

Here is a simple recipe for making lilac flower syrup and I will follow this topic by a few others to explain how to make flower syrups and mixed flower/berry jams.

If you want healthy syrup, try adding smaller amount of sugar and increase the flower buds. I may recommend adding natural honey instead of sugar, or a mix of honey and sugar to increase the nutritious value.


One cup of lilac flower buds, one cup of water, and one cup of sugar (you can use a single cup of honey or half honey, half sugar)
Vanilla is optional here, but it will add a lovely scent to your syrup.


- In a wide pan, put the water and sugar mix and stir on medium heating until the sugar is fully dissolved.

- Add the lilac flowers and stir; then let the mixture on low heating for ten minutes. You can add a few blue berries to give a violet color, if you wish.

- Stir slowly if needed, and turn off the stove when the mixture starts to boil or form a thicker liquid.

- Prepare a clean glass jar or bottle; make sure it is washed and dried, and then drain the syrup to remove the flowers.

- After the syrup is cooled, close the bottle and put in the fridge.