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Introduction To Social Phobia And Social Anxiety

Many have been suffering from this psychological disorder without even knowing or understanding the indications of the symptoms. They probably thought the main problem was in them and that they were unable to hold responsibilities and manage life matters. But in fact, the problem is not really in the person, for what they think is mostly from their own imagination and just destructive thoughts. The social anxiety disorder could lead to severe phobia symptoms, and even prevent the individual from doing their daily tasks such as work, school…etc. It could ruin the person’s life and family, if they couldn't discover and face the problem.

The definition of Social Phobia is simply feeling always embarrassed while being in groups that exceed 2 people in general. The person is always uncertain of other’s behavior/reactions as thinking that people watch him and his actions, judging him and that he is always not acting right. It is the fear of being judged or mistreated due to a ridiculous behavior.

The problem develops to force the individual to systemize their whole life, tasks and activities to occur in absence of people. One does that, not for being incapable of dealing with people and making friendships, but from fear of being watched and judged in everything he does. It ends up isolating the person from the real life outside as he prefers to feel psychologically safe/stable than being always anxious and fearful.