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Raspberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie

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This is one of the quick-filling smoothies that you can eat in the morning before work, or even before going to the gym, for more energy without spoiling your diet or increasing your weight.
The recipe is suitable for kids and adults, including aging people who need a nutritious, light food that is rich in vitamins and easily digested.


- 2 cups of fresh raspberries (frozen raspberries will also work well).

- ½ cup of oat flakes (you may use one cup in case you want to add dairy milk).

- 1 cup of plain vanilla yogurt (Greek yogurt is not recommended as it will give a very sticky mixture with the oats. You can also use vitamin-fortified soy milk for a vegan recipe).

- one medium sized, ripe banana that is cut into chunks.

- 3 tea spoons of honey or any natural sweetener (you may not use it, if you are following a slimming diet).


Mix all ingredients on a low speed in the blender for a few seconds until you break them well; then on high speed until they mix and reach an appropriate texture.
Serve in wide glasses, decorated with berries and banana slices on top.