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Simple Oatmeal Smoothie

The old-fashioned oatmeal breakfast smoothie is one of the easiest recipes for a quick morning meal before work or in winter, when your body needs enough energy and nutritious food.

The main ingredients in this recipe are as follows:

- one cup of oatmeal (oat flakes from the supermarket).

- 6 cups of dairy milk (you can use yogurt or buttermilk for a sour taste, and you can add soy milk or nut milk instead, if you follow a vegan diet).

- a dash of vanilla or a small tea spoon of vanilla extract for a nice flavor.

- your desired sweetener (I’d recommend a few tea spoons of natural honey).

The additional options to use with this recipe could be:

Crushed nuts – a small amount of peanut butter, for flavoring – bananas – silken tofu.


- Put the oats in your blender or food processor.

- Through the dispenser hole in the lid, start adding the milk gradually while mixing on low speed.

- Pour half the amount of milk, slowly, and then process the mixture for a few seconds to make sure that all oat flakes are smoothed.

- After they are all smoothed, pour the rest of the milk, add your special touch, vanilla syrup/extract, and the desired amount of honey (usually 3 tea spoons).

- Serve the oatmeal smoothie with your favorite garnish fruits/nuts.


In winter, try using warm milk, chocolate powder and nuts. It will add a special taste and warmth to your morning.