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Symptoms Of Social Anxiety

Social anxiety, or social phobia, generates a strong feeling of fear such that you may delay all vital tasks and appointments that occur outside your home or amongst a group of people. It differs from a person to another in symptoms and the severity of symptoms of course, but in all cases it will force the person to keep thinking and stay fearful for weeks before a meeting with a group of people.

Some people get anxious while eating or drinking in groups, and some may feel even embarrassed to sign checks in the market or enter a public restroom.

The general symptoms are as follows:

- Feeling a great fear of embarrassment in front of people.

- Thinking all the time how others see you, your clothes, your body, your character, your jokes and opinions…etc.

- Finding difficulty to eat or drink while being with others, and feeling embarrassed and afraid that you may not be acting right.

- Feeling afraid of other people’s judgments.

- Trembling and finding difficulty in speaking with other people, although you are capable of doing that and not having any actual problem.

- Some people are not naturally introvert, yet they feel afraid of being with others, although they wish to make friends or be with them.

- staying away from crowded places, events and meetings. Such introversion may ruin friendships as patients stay away from their friends to unknown reasons.

- Sweating, shaking, anxiety and nausea or stomach ache while being in crowded places.

- Confusion, shaking hands and voice, dizziness and increased heartbeats.

- Lacking confidence while being in public places, fearing criticism or being rejected, and even difficulty in discussing on phone.