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What Causes Social Phobia And Social Anxiety?

Many questions were asked about the real causes of social phobia that ruins some people’s lives. But in fact, no medical research brought up any result about specific reasons for social phobia and social anxiety. Some researches proved that social phobia could be running in certain families and transferred to new generations through the genes taken from their ancestors. Some researches showed that social phobia is commonly associated with embarrassing situations that kids experienced in childhood. It could be a result of wrong treatment from the parents who were always depressing their kids and denying them from enough encouragement.

Social phobia is never related to the person’s character and the way his temperament is. Some people have very strong characters and smart minds, yet suffer severe phobia symptoms such that they wouldn't dare to go outside their houses, and some less smart and weak others can normally do their daily tasks.

Some researches suggested that social phobia could be related to serotonin secretion as certain parts in the brain are responsible for the feeling of fear and anxiety; and that’s why treating some mental cases or depression depends basically on serotonin-related drugs.

Social phobia, in my point of view, is related to many reasons that could possibly have nothing to do with the human brain. The cumulative effect of experiences during childhood and adolescence is what really forms the person’s character in the future, according to the gained knowledge and emotional reactions during that time. In such ages, no kid is psychologically ready to accept embarrassing or difficult situations with flexibility and understanding, and what remains is only the bad feeling. On the long run, the individual develops certain reactions to follow in the future, to avoid experiencing similar situations; then it becomes a behavior.
Many factors would definitely assure the effect of bad experiences and encourage the person to follow a certain behavior or wrong idea. It develops after that to a fear of facing situations in order not to be judged, as in the past experiences people were watching and misjudging.

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