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What Is Social Phobia?

Social phobia is a disorder that starts with the person since childhood or adolescence, mostly at the age of 10 ~ 15, and it may last for a lifetime if the person doesn't receive a treatment or try to face the problem gradually until they be normal again.

As I said in my previous topic, social phobia, or social anxiety, is the feeling of being always embarrassed and fearful of others’ judgments as always thinking that people are watching.

Of course we all get anxious about different matters everyday; meeting new people, experiencing important matters in work or telling a speech in front of big group of people. All that is defined as anxiety, but it doesn't happen likewise in case of social anxiety. Doctors can identify social anxiety if the person has had continuous symptoms for at least six months.

The symptoms, which usually begin in childhood, may appear like a normal worrying about being in some situations or due to experiencing a bad situation that made it difficult to be among friends or other people. Some kids are shy by nature, or because their parents didn't teach them any social habits; and that may also increase the problem or delay discovering it.

Adults and kids with social phobia disorder show different responses to being in crowded places, streets, strangers or even friends according to the level of anxiety and how fearful they feel. The fear may develop, in severe cases, to prevent the person/kid from going outside for buying essential stuff or going to work/school. They fear to do anything in public so that they guarantee to not be embarrassed or judged in any situation.