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Massaging Technique For Feline Urinary Obstruction

Cat check at the vet clinic
First of all, understand that taking your cat to the vet is the best solution, and the only solution in emergencies.
If you are unable to take it to the vet – at night where you can’t find a clinic – you can do a few steps to relieve the cat and save its life "in case it is a male, and in case of females you should seek the vet as it is difficult to help with the common way". But always know that this technique should be your last option if you really can’t find a vet. 

The full obstruction usually develop discomfort, anxiety, laziness, difficulty walking, sometimes vomiting, depression or weird behavior that your cat spends a long time in its litter box or tries to urinate in several places.

- Hold the cat gently, avoiding any sudden or firm pressure on its belly, and bring it on a table or something that allows you to examine it.

- Softly rub the cat’s neck and cheeks telling it "its alright", and then start touching its belly with your hand backwards where the bladder is.
An apparent increase in the size will tell you how severe the problem is. The more it is full inside, the more it is severe.

- Provide assurance for the cat and let it lay on one side or on the back.

- Try to examine the penis and check if there are tiny stones denying the urine flow. Lubricate your fingers with soft material “like medical gel, baby oil or cream” and gently squeeze the penis in the direction from the base towards the tip to get any stones out.

- In the same way put one hand behind the bladder “forming half a ring on the cat’s belly” and firmly start to push the urine toward the penis, and remember to release your hand and repeat the step several times so that the continues massaging and pushing will help flushing out the stones gradually with small amounts of urine.

- Never push hard on the cat’s bladder as any wrong action may cause it to rupture, and remember that the technique depends on messaging and pushing the urine out not on hurting and torturing the cat.

- If your messaging is helpful you will find small amounts of urine flushing out with drops of blood. You may not find that however; it depends on the case.

- The cat usually pushes away before you reach this stage. If it does, no problem let it go while softly rubbing its neck to tell it that all you were doing is helping it and that you want no harm.

- The cat will immediately head to its litter box and try to urinate. Some cats may flush out a small amount of urine after this type of massage. If so, that means you succeeded and that you should go on to help the cat flushes out more urine; 50 % of the urine will be comforting to the cat. If your cat is satisfied or accepting more massaging, try to get all the urine out. If not, don’t push over it and let it rest, providing you are able to visit the vet within less than 24 hrs.

- After you take your cat to a vet, he should recommend the proper medicine then see the cat once or twice in a few days, to make sure that the problem is over.

- Don’t give your cat dry food until it recovers, and instead try to get it used to soups and home-made wet foods.
You should also introduce purified water as it has a great role in preventing kidney stones and associated cases.

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