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Simple Kiwi Yogurt Smoothie

simple kiwi yogurt smoothie
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This recipe is too simple, refreshing and suitable for quiet summer vacations. The original recipe is not for vegan diet, but you can make whatever you wish to drink vegan by using alternatives such as nut milk, oats or juices.

Basic ingredients:

- one cup of plain vanilla yogurt. It is optional to use common yogurt or Greek yogurt to thicken the mixture.

- 2 ripe kiwis.
- one table spoon of honey or sugar.

Optional ingredients:

- ½ cup of nut milk, soy milk or any type of your preferred fruit juice.
- ¼ cup of oats.
- one table spoon of sugar, and don’t use it if the fruit juice is already sweetened.
- a dash of vanilla.
- one ripe banana.
- a small piece of cake or some biscuits.


In case of using the basic ingredients, all what you need is peeling the kiwis and mix all ingredients in the blender.
Of course you can add any of the optional ingredients to add flavor, and you may add anything that comes to mind and appeals to you.

The vegan recipe should include soy or nut milk, in case you add bananas or oats, to tenderize the fibers and oats. They are optional with only kiwis, kiwis and fruits, kiwis and biscuits…etc.