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Black Devil Halloween Cocktail

Black-devil-halloween-cocktail-healthianaThe black devil cocktail is a non-alcoholic recipe made by me. My inspiration for Halloween 2013 came from the black devil martini recipe, but I never prefer alcoholic drinks as they harm the liver. The main idea was surprising your guests with a non-alcoholic, martini-like drink!

Of course you will need dark colored juices, such as black cherry, black grapes, pomegranate and blood orange juice. Use 2 oz of black grapes juice as a base, and then add 1/2 oz of pomegranate juice, 1/4 oz of blood orange and a dash of lemon juice. You may use soda instead of lemon juice, or a slight mix of both.
After mixing the juices, put in a large glass container and allow to cool in the fridge.

Use orange sugar, tooth picks and olives for decorations.
Use martini glasses by wetting the edges of each, then put in the orange sugar. It will stick on the edges, and after they dry they won't separate.

Tip: For those who like alcoholic drinks, you can seek a healthy option by mixing fruit juices with martini.