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Shrimp Salad Appetizer

shrimp salad appetizer

The amounts of ingredients can be adjusted according to your own taste; so if you like beets or shrimps for example, you can increase that amount and use appropriate mix of vegetables.


- Cooked shrimp (poached, fried or grilled).

- Fresh tomatoes (cut into thin stripes or into small slices).

- Fresh mixed herbs/leaves (preferably basil, oregano, arugula, lettuce and parsley).

- Cheese cubes.

- Poached beets (cooked and cut into thin stripes).

- Green, yellow and red pepper (cut into thin stripes)

- Grated carrots.

- Small sliced onion.

- Lemon juice

- Small amount of orange juice or small-sliced orange pieces.

- Dash of pepper, salt and sugar.

- Olive oil.


- Make sure to cut all into small pieces, stripes or slices. You may also cut the shrimps into small pieces, halves or use small shrimps instead, to give a better looking dish.

- Start mixing olive oil, juice of 2 lemons, juice of half an orange or small-cut orange pieces.

- Add the salt, pepper and sugar and stir.

- Add the chopped onion and stir. Let the onion slices for a few minutes in the mix. You may add the beets as well, to give a nice color for the liquid mix.

- Add the herbs and stir. Then add the vegetables and shrimps.

- Let the dish to cool in the fridge, and serve in small dishes with the cheese cubes.