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The Effect Of Fats On Blood Vessels

difference between healthy and clogged blood vesselsIt has been very common that many suffer from atherosclerosis and its associated problems like heart and brain diseases, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, etc.
The reason behind atherosclerosis is always high cholesterol and fatty foods, but as most of us think of fatty foods as just high calories and will burn, we may need a simple approach for how fats can clog the blood vessels.

The simplest explanation for clogging is thinking of your kitchen sink! Imagine washing too many dishes with fat traces and accidentally dropping oil in the sink. After a short time you will notice an apparent clogging in the tube.
If you separate the tube and try to clean it you may find a very sticky, dark film causing the problem. That film denies an easy flow of the wash-away water.


Repeat the same thought, imagining a narrow tube; what will happen? More clogging due to a thicker film of fats.
Now imagine a small-diameter tube in which you insert oil, animal fat, butter and any other type eaten by humans. After a few weeks, if you try to insert a metal rod in, it won’t enter at all. The fatty films formed inside during those weeks become hard/solid layers of plaque that clogs the tube.

plaque layers clogging blood vessel

That’s exactly what happens in the human vessels, veins and arteries due to fats depositions. The problem in human body is extra serious because of the very small diameter of veins and arteries, and also because it develops with age to cause different diseases.
The plaque films also cause the vessels to harden instead of being flexible to accept faster blood flow or bigger amount of blood with doing effort, sport or feeling anxious. And that’s mostly why many have brain and heart problems.