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Halloween Cookies For Kids

For the kids, there is nothing more fun than eating candy, cookies and treats that hold funny and amusing shapes, during the seasonal holidays. The Halloween holiday is time for fun and collecting treats; but as it all about spooky shapes, you can not decorate the cookies or treats with frightful stuff.

The best way to decorate kids’ Halloween cookies is using more candy, more colors and different shapes. Not too frightful shapes of course, but make it funny instead of spooky. Use paste colors to color the cream and dough shaping cutters to make small ghosts and pirates’ ships.

Make funny pumpkin faces, cats, owls, small bats, smiling ghosts, bunnies, spider web, mummies, brooms, etc.
Candy pieces will help you draw perfect faces and make good use of the cookie size. You can also find in the holiday stores some eatable themes or letters to stick on the topper cream. The more you draw themes, the more you catch the kids’ eyes and make them happy.