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Italian Rice With Chicken Liver

Recipe from : Eman Ibrahim
Editor : Diana

This recipe is one of the favorite Italian dishes, also called “dirty rice with chicken liver”. The main recipe includes spicy sausages, tasso ham, and tabasco; but since I never recommend ham or spicy food, I tried the recipe with chicken breast slices, ketchup and red pepper slices.


- 2 cups of long grain rice, washed and rinsed.

- a plate of cooked chicken livers, cut into medium pieces.

- half a cup of chopped yellow/red onions.

- zero cholesterol oil, olive oil or soy oil.

- one table spoon of minced garlic, and increase the amount if you like more taste of garlic.

- ½ cup of chopped chicken breasts.

- ½ red pepper slices.

- 3 cups of chicken broth, and increase the amount if the rice needs.

- ½ cup of chopped green onions.

- curry, salt and freshly ground pepper.


1- Use an appropriate amount of oil, such as 3 tb spoons, and add the onions and let on medium heat until they take golden color.

2- Add the minced garlic and keep turning in order not to burn the garlic.

3- After all have taken golden color, add the thin slices of chicken breasts with a dash of ground pepper and raise the heat.

4- Add half of the green onion chops, half of the red pepper slices, and you can use mixed types of colored pepper as well.

5- Keep turning the mix on high heat until it takes golden color and the chicken is nearly done.

6- Add the salt, curry, rice and broth then stir until well mixed.

7- As for adding the chicken liver, you have two choices… you can add cooked chicken liver cut into halves and stir carefully and then let the rice without stirring until it is fully cooked, or you can cook it and add the livers before serving. In the first case, it is better to cook the rice in the over directly after it soaks all the broth.

8- After you prepare the meal, add the final touch by spreading the chopped green onions on top of the rice and on the plate range. Add also minced basil, peppermint leaves, colored pepper slices.

9- If you like a spicy option, use hot ketchup, or prepare a sauce by using sweet ketchup, lemon juice, vinegar, different spices and a dash of hot pepper powder.