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Pasta Salad Ideas For Halloween 2013

Combining scary themes and cooking meals wouldn’t work for most working ladies. So, preparing and decorating the Halloween dinner could possibly be a disaster. For such hectic time, trying quick dishes like pasta salads won’t be a bothering matter.

Using different sizes of fusilli pasta will surely help creating a very scary look as it looks like worms, if you use the suitable decorations. Cutting olive pieces, carving scary faces in cucumber slices, and using ketchup or black sauces will give you different themes.

If you want a spooky look, you can use hard boiled eggs, where you cut each into halves and spread some ketchup lines to give a blood-like appearance.
Colored pasta will also help you when you mix it with mayonnaise, ketchup, olives, lentils, beanstalk, and a little rubber spider or bat on the side of the dish.