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Traditional Rice With Chicken Livers And Gizzards

Recipe from: Eman Ibrahim
Editor: Diana

This very traditional dish is used widely in the Middle East and in some other western countries for its delicious taste. It is also suitable as party food and whole quick meal that needs only a plate of salad to satisfy your family.


- 2 cups of rice (any type you prefer).
- 2 big chopped onions.
- 2 tbs of minced garlic.
- soy oil.
- a medium dish of chicken livers.
- a medium dish of chicken gizzards (fully cleaned, well washed and cut into halves).
- salt, ground pepper, curry, ground cinnamon, 2 dried lemons, mixed spices.
- raisins and mixed nuts (optional).


The first thing you should consider is how to cook the livers and gizzards as livers usually take less time than gizzards. You can cook each in separate pan, or you can start with gizzards, then add the livers after 20 minutes.

- start frying the onion chops in soy oil until they take golden color. Add the cooked gizzards and livers and carefully turn the mix.

- add the raisins, salt and spices and keep turning on high heat.

- use water or chicken broth (3 cups), and add the rice.

- stir the rice until all ingredients are fully mixed and leave on medium heat until it soaks the broth.

- cook on very low heat or in the oven for 30 minutes.