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Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem is a common problem that most of us suffer from. Low self esteem is not an embarrassing problem as many would think. It starts with most people in childhood, or happens due to several failures in life; and sometimes it happens due to much blaming from some people, so it generates an inner feeling of being not good in anything.

The self esteem problem is only in the mind of who suffers from it; which means it is just an unfounded thought of they. God had created every living being as perfect as no one can imagine. That implies the fact that despite the insecurities and disappointments, all human beings are clever by nature, and they have different levels of brilliance in what they do; however, it might differ according to the environment, the background, and the personal thoughts.

We all have weaknesses, and sometimes failures. Focusing on the weaknesses of the character other than its good side, would surely influence the individual with bad thoughts about their capability and self confidence. So, the best solution is starting to see ourselves as God looks at us.
Everyone is beautiful and good in doing everything, no matter how many times they fail or receive discouragement from others. The secret lies in trying; trying to face life problems and knowing that despite how hard it is, there are still many things to enjoy and introduce for others.
Making different relationships, attending lectures or conferences, visiting an animal or orphan shelter, or going down the street in a group activity of planting and cleaning the neighborhood would be an effective proof for capability. Or simply making someone happy and stand beside them at a hard time!

There are many things in life that we can do and enjoy, and every person has their own print in others lives. Sometimes we can’t see how effective we are because we are not looking in the right place where our potential of effect appears. Exactly like kicking a ball and looking in the opposite direction where it didn’t go. Some may realize that you achieved a goal, and some may look with you in the wrong direction while some may, even worse, have not seen the ball from the beginning. They should not be our judgmental standards on our own actions because, even without achieving any goals, kicking the ball was a good trial toward a certain achievement and it is normal to hit it or miss it.

Trials can release the hidden powers of all creatures. So, being granted the gift of life is a great reason to try living it, allow a better understanding for yourself and discover where your powers lie and where you can use them perfectly.

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