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What Is Self Esteem

Self esteem is a term used in psychology, and it is defined as the way you estimate yourself. In other words, it means how you look to yourself, your mind, your ability to do things, and the value or worth of yourself in general.
That overall evaluation is kind of judgment that we do to reflect how we look to our attitude, way of living, manner of dealing with others, success, ability to do things, being accepted by others, etc.

Self esteem is highly associated with self confidence; it is even defined by some psychology theories as the summation of self confidence and self respect.
A person with high self esteem will surely feel pride, satisfaction about their way of living and mostly a deep a feeling of capability to face all life challenges, and a thought of being a deserver of happiness and worthy for others respect.
A person with low self esteem will likely experience disappointment about their life matters as not satisfied about how they live or how they do things. They feel like they can’t do anything and they are not right in thinking, which makes them unattractive or unwanted by others. The low self esteem is connected to low self confidence, and it generates a feeling of fear of doing anything new, or even doing any tasks properly, from fear of failure and discouragement.

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