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10 Natural Depression Treatments

Woman sleeping and doing exercises
Since I’m one of those who get stressed and even depressed on daily basis, I was trying several tips to make life enjoyable no matter what happens in work, kids’ school, etc.

The long reads I had, were informative, but I usually seek simple tips that any individual can follow, without feeling that some strange habits are interfering with their daily activities.

Let’s see how can we simply fight depression and feel good.

1- Get enough sleep.
Sleeping and getting up at certain times, considering 7 to 9 hrs sleep/day, will help your brain and body organs to function well during the day. Sleeping also allows the brain to rest from negative thoughts and find better solutions for the problems.

2- Do regular exercises.
Exercising is known to enhance the blood circulation, supply oxygen, strengthen the heart muscle and improve the well being in general. Doing exercises, especially when you join classes or dancing groups, will provide you great times and ensure a feeling of cheer and satisfaction.

3- Get balanced nutrition.
Eating healthy foods is supposed to supply nutrients to your whole body, and in addition to feeling energetic and light, many foods work on balancing the brain electrolytes and hence improving the electric conduction between nerves. Also some foods increase the serotonin secretion, which is responsible for feeling happy and in a good mood.

4- Get in a routine.
Following a daily schedule that organizes your activities, will help you forget about the bothering or depressing matters. You may start a simple schedule by exercising at 9 am, reading a magazine while having brunch at 11 am, taking an hour rest until 1 pm, cooking at 2 pm, going out or watching TV at 5, etc.
Depending on your daily responsibilities, you can set up a strict plan to follow, and in a short while you will feel better and happy.

Woman reading on chair in nature

5- Set goals.
Setting daily goals and long-term goals will help you feel confident and get on track to work at the moments of depression when one is not able to accomplish anything. Such goals are supposed to push you back to work as you have responsibilities and things that make you feel great and successful when achieved.

6- Do something new.
Getting involved in new activities, like job responsibilities, sports, new places or even entertaining games, will help you a lot in overcoming the bad moods and banishing the negative thoughts.

7- Challenge negative thoughts.
It is strictly recommended that you challenge the bad thoughts, even with a smile or a nice talk with a friend. Tricking the body with smiles is also helpful, because as the body knows that you are sad, it also understands the smile on your lips, so the brain switches between the two cases; turning your feeling into happiness instead of sadness.

Woman doing yoga exercise in nature

8- Practice yoga.
Yoga and meditation can be done in several ways, depending on the technique, the results and yourself of course. These practices are known to clear the mind, increase the positive energy levels and leave you stronger. You can enjoy the morning yoga in early sunlight, or sunset yoga on the beach. Meditation in nature and watching the sky, the water or the animals are also great for relieving stress and improve depression.

Cuddling with dog

9- Spend more time with pets.
Yes! It sounds a little crazy to treat depression with cuddling, purring and stroking the soft hairs of an animal, but if it true that laughter and being with loving ones help, then it is even helpful to spend time with our furry friends. Stroking or massaging your pet reduces tension, brings smiles, exchanges affection, lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart problems.

10- Visit your doctor, if the above tips are not helpful or if you’re not improving within a week or 10 days.