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6 Fruits For A Healthy Body

6 Fruits For A Healthy BodyIt is always guaranteed that a balanced daily intake of fruits can provide magnificent health benefits, maintain good immunity and delay aging. Fruits can also cure many diseases and purify the blood from toxins that might have been inhaled or eaten accidentally.

Here are some amazing benefits for fruits:

1- Peaches.
Due to their orange colored flesh, they contain carotenes that cure/improve vision quality, in addition to iron, potassium and fibers. The potassium content helps with high blood pressure.

2- Grapes.
Depending on the color of grapes, they are rich in simple sugar, vitamins and other nutrients, like antioxidants and lycopene in red and blue grapes, and iron in black grapes.
Grapes help with constipation and relax the blood vessels; which reduces the blood pressure.

3- Apples.
Apples are known to have iron content, but in fact this is wrong, the black tint resulting on a surface of a cut slice is due to tannic acid, while apples are really rich in dietary fibers and vitamins. They are excellent energy boosting sources before the work out, great filling snacks for slimming diets, and cholesterol fighting fruits.
Apples are great in developing resistance against diseases and infections, which means that 1 apple every day keeps you energetic, slim and healthy.

4- Watermelons.
In general, melons are great fiber and water sources in summer. They also contain many dissolved minerals in their water content, which can rarely be supplied through most of other fruits.
Orange melons contain carotenes, green melons contain vitamin C, and red melons are rich in lycopene and flavonoids. They fight heart diseases by providing water and controlling the heart rate, and they are great for constipation.

5- Oranges.
They are considered a great source for fibers, vitamin C and carotenes ‘due to their orange color’. They are also rich in simple sugars. All these advantages make oranges great for slimming diets, workouts, improving vision quality and nourishing the skin.

6- Bananas.
In addition to its high sugar content, bananas are amazing in supplying fibers and potassium. A diet plan of 1 daily banana is quite essential for high blood pressure patients, and in general, bananas make a filling snack and great energy source before/after workout.