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10 Ways To Drink More Water

Detox water bottles
As we all know, 70% of the human body is water, which makes drinking water is the most important thing for the organs to perform the vital functions and flush out toxins.
And while many people think that they should drink only to quench their thirst, either in normal days or in hot climates, drinking water is far more important for the kidneys, muscles, skin and digestion. So, for those who need to drink more water due to medical problems, and others who want a healthy lifestyle … there are many ways to help you drink more water, such as:

1- Add beautiful ice cubes.

2- Use lemon, orange, pineapple or any of your favorite fruits to make your own refreshing cubes. Use their juices or just dice the fruits and freeze in orange/lemon juice then put in a large glass of water.

3- Add flavor to the water using cucumber slices and mint springs.

4- Add fresh fruit slices to the water you drink and chill before using.

5- Squeeze a lemon or an orange in your water bottle.

6- Use herbal bags or fresh herbs, like basil and mint, for a lovely flavor.

7- Add a style by floating some blueberries in your water glass.

8- Add low-calorie fruit syrup to cold water.

Fruit water cups

9- Drink carbonated or bubbling water.

10- Add cinnamon sticks, ginger slices and honey… to boost immunity.

Increase drinking water through your daily habits and other techniques like:

1- Drink a glass of water after each bathroom break.

2- Drink a glass of water before every meal.

3- Drink a glass of water once you get up in the morning.

4- Drink a cup of milk before you go to sleep.

High tech water bottle

5- Get a high tech water bottle. This smart bottle produces a bright glow, to remind you to drink, and it measures the amount you sip/drink then sends the information directly to your smart phone.

6- Use a smart-phone application to tract your water intake.
It will remind you to drink water and calculate how much you drink to reach your daily goal.

Marked water bottles

7- Include high-water content foods in your diet “cucumbers, lettuce, parsley, melons, oranges, berries”.

8- Keep a colorful water jug beside you, to encourage you to drink.

9- Use marked water bottles to help you recognize the amounts you drink each time.