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Detox Foods

Detox foods are not always juices and soups. Some diets give you a nice variety of healthy foods to enjoy instead of restricting you in juices and fasting. In fact, any diet that recommends fruits and vegetables for a short time is surely of great benefit to our bodies as it changes the bad eating habits. On contrary, restrictive detox plans don’t add any benefit with time; they damage the body by banning essential nutrients and supplying high amount of minerals that cause kidney stones.

What is allowed in detox foods?

In most detox diets, alcohol, caffeine, dairy products, eggs, meats, and carbohydrates are banned. You can’t also eat fats, sweets, salty foods, and creamy drinks. Anything that is not natural is banned.

Instead, detox foods include fruits, vegetables, fresh juices, smoothies, nuts, vitamin E rich seeds, beans, herbal drinks, green tea, herbal tea, and much water.

Water and fiber rich foods – like cucumbers, oranges, apples, bananas, pear, papaya, avocado, lettuce, broccoli and carrots – are highly recommended as constipation is one of the bad effects of no-eating periods.

In long detox diets that exceed one week, supplements are recommended to compensate the lack of protein and calcium. Some vitamins are also recommended to enhance the whole well being of the individual, so they are considered part of the treatment.

There is a herbal supplement called “milk thistle”. It is often recommended with detox foods as it contains “silymarin”, which is thought to enhance the liver function and aid liver cells regeneration. The medical researches on this compound is still inconclusive, although the herbal extract is tolerated by the human body, but the only thing proven until now is the benefits of its antioxidant properties.

In addition to the foods and supplements, most detox diets require a certain period of fasting; a certain duration at which you eat nothing between meals. The fast depends on drinking water and relaxing then when the meal time comes, you gradually take light foods like soups, juices or smoothies without drinking water in the middle of the meal.

Article source : Home and Heavens magazine