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Do Detox Diets Really Work

Detox diets
Most people think of following a detox diet, aiming to improve their overall health and well being, but without asking themselves what this diet does or do they really need a detox diet?!

In most cases, the answer is NO! Our bodies have their own filtering systems that do the detoxification process every day. So, when you inhale smoke, take medication or eat unhealthy quick food, your lungs, liver, kidneys and digestive system do all what it needs to flush out the harmful compounds or food waste.

Some detox diet plans depend on drinking only juices, while others allow you to eat certain foods, depending on veggies and fruits. The 'juice only' diet is very unhealthy for the kidneys and it raises some blood electrolytes while lowering the calcium level. They also encourage the loss of muscle mass because the human body needs proteins or carbohydrates as fuel for the daily required energy. So, they might cause harmful effects without a proper consulting.

The concept of weight loss in 'juice diets' and 'detox plans' is that you cut your intake of calories and sugar, and hence your body starts to lose weight. Most weight loss in such plans is water and glycogen, not burnt fat. Fat burning depends on changing the metabolism of your body by changing your eating habits through a low calorie, balanced diet. The juice only diets or detox diet don’t provide balanced nutrition. On contrary to what we think, juicing diets may aid the excretion of urine and cause altered electrolytes levels.

The lost weight is rapidly gained again after you stop the detox diet, and then you drop again when you are on the next diet. That manner of losing and regaining weight is a big concern for dietitians as it causes “yo-yo dieting”. The yo-yo dieting is a case that happens when you drop and gain weight frequently, which causes the body to store fats and glycogen by preventing any weight loss in the future. That’s usually the body’s response to one failed diet following another, it stores fats in case it needs it again in the future.

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