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Green Detox Juice

Green juice
As we all like to drink juices any time, green detox juices have become a very famous way for an easy detox plan. As energy boosting, delicious drinks... juices are considered the best way to keep our bodies hydrated in summer and provide the essential nutrients and minerals.

Some people follow 'juicing for weight loss' plans, to lose weight and do a detox plan at once. In such cases, choosing a menu of low sugar, or no sugar juices, is an essential option for the best results.

In this topic, I’m introducing a simple, well-known recipe for green detox juice that is suitable for weight loss and detox diets. This green juice is kind of tasty and too light, to help burning fats, relaxing, and flushing out toxins even easier.


The original recipe contains 3 green apples, 5 stalks of kale, one big green lemon, and one big cucumber.

If you want a better juice and effect use one apple, and increase the amount if you don’t like the taste and want to hide it in apple flavor.

Use a juicer or blender to mix the ingredients with nearly 3 big cups of water, and then you have two choices, either to process the lemon with its peel, or without it. I always recommend taking benefit of lemon and orange peels as they have a magical effect in feeling fresh and energetic. If you have stomach problems, then its better to not use lemons at all until you consult your doctor.

Serve the juice with ice cubes or crushed ice.

Source : www.homeandheavens.com