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Immunity Boosting Juice

Carrot and spinach juice

Immunity boosting juices are supposed to contain a few kinds of vegetables, for detox diets and those who want healthy juices for weight loss. If you add more vegetables, it will be also good for health and taste; you can add green, yellow and red pepper, tomato, and cabbage. As for what I personally like, I prefer mixing many vegetables to add nutritious value.

Immunity boosting juice recipe


1 medium carrot
½ bunch of spinach
1 garlic clove
2 celery stalks
A dash of cayenne “optional for taste”


Put the ingredients in the blender “after slicing the carrots”, or use the carrot juicer to process the ingredients with a big cup of water. Serve at once with an ice cube.

Recipe source : www.homeandheavens.com