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Herbal Tea Recipe

Herbal tea
This healthy herbal tea was made basically to aid the brain function, boost the metabolism, and enhance the digestion. All ingredients are organic-grown and naturally caffeine free, so they will have a calming effect. If you are allergic to any of the ingredient herbs or if you have health problems, consult your doctor before preparing this homemade tea recipe. This herbal tea is also unsuitable for pregnant ladies and breast feeding. Always remember these cautions before consuming.


½ cup of green tea

¼ cup of dried basil leaves

¼ cup of dried peppermint leaves

¼ cup of dried rosemary

¼ cup of dried red raspberry leaves

¼ cup of dried ginkgo

¼ cup of Red Rooibos

¼ cup of orange peel

¼ cup of Eleuthero Root

¼ cup of stevia


Use green leaves and fresh orange peel, if you want to prepare the tea from fresh ingredients. In that case, you will mix the ingredients together every time you prepare a cup of tea. I prefer the fresh ingredients as the fresh orange peel and green leaves give a better taste than that of dried ingredients.


Use the coffee grinder to grind the dry orange peels until you have a powder. Add the other ingredients gradually and mix in each stage until you have a powder of mixed herbs.

Store the tea in a clean, dry glass jar in a cold, dry place or in the fridge. Use 1 ½ tsp for each of tea you prepare. You can serve the tea hot or cold. It is better not to boil the ingredients with water, just pour the boiled water in the cup on the tea and stir. Use a tea drainer in case you are making large amount to chill in the fridge.