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Simple Detox Techniques For Dummies

Detox juices
A detox plan depends on water and foods/drinks which are known to help the body get rid of harmful compounds and free radicals. The diet depends on light and healthy foods, and after finishing the plan you are supposed to feel better and healthier.

Here are some simple techniques for dummies...

1- Drink more water than you usually take.

An adult human being should drink around 3 liters per day. The appropriate amount of water helps your skin and kidneys to flush out toxins, and mostly denies the formation of stones.

2- Squeeze lemons in water, soup and juices.

Lemons are excellent for detoxification. They are also important in supplying vitamin C that keeps your skin healthy and protects you from diseases.
Having a glass of lemon juice on daily basis is supposed to detox, refresh, relax, and help in weight loss.

3- Eat fruits and vegetables.

Most detox plans depend on fruits and vegetables as they are light, healthy, and high in fiber content. In addition to their fiber content, they are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that fight cancer. They are very essential for hair and skin, and they will surely give you a super slim body within a short time.

4- Cut sugar, fat and carbohydrate intake, and instead depend on whole grains, dairy products and fish.

Sugar and carbs are usually unfriendly for the human body, and it is better to take them through natural sources like grains and juices.
Whole grains are super healthy in these cases. They contain omega fatty acids, vitamin B and protein.
Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel and cod, along with milk and yogurt, are great for supplying a wide range elements and vitamin D.

5- Try orange and lemon peels.

Before inventing anti-venoms, lemon peels were known to fight snake bites and farmers, where venomous snakes lived, used to eat unpeeled lemons daily to protect them for the accidental bites.
Eating small pieces of lemon or orange peels after the main meal will make you feel very energetic, and even after heavy meals they quickly aid your digestion and make you feel comfortable.

6- Replace harmful drinks with infused water.

Instead of drinking tea, coffee, bear, soda, etc… Try the natural, unsweetened drinks, like fresh juices and infused water. You can use unpeeled citrus fruits with peppermint, basil and green tea to make magnificent drinks.
Trying vegetable juices is also great, and you can't imagine how energetic you will feel with infused drinks.